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The Black Dog Cookie House

Serving North Shore Dogs with Love since 1998

Brodie and Montana, the original
Black Dog Cookie House dogs


Welcome to our family!  We’re one of the oldest and most experienced dog walking companies on the North Shore, and enjoy an excellent reputation.  The Black Dog Cookie House was established in 1998, and we’re proud to say that we still have dogs in our groups that started that year – including our very first client, who will be 17 years old this year!   All the dogs in our charge truly become part of our family, and we care for all of them like our own.  The Black Dog Cookie House has only two people caring for the dogs:  Micki and Adam Ashurst, a husband-and-wife team.  We have always chosen not to take on any other employees, as we feel strongly about keeping this business very personal.

The Black Dog Cookie House offers group dog walks that are one hour in length, and are conducted on many different trails across the North Shore.  We offer dog walks in both North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We only take social dogs, that enjoy being in forested trails with other dogs.  Our purpose is to offer fun and safe walks for dogs of all sizes and age, so that they can come home exercised, with a big smile on their face.

About us                                                                   Micki with Brodie


                                                                                   Our current dog Family with Adam


Micki and Adam Ashurst have been running this very personalized business since 1998.  In the 4 years before we started The Black Dog Cookie House, here are some other related experiences that we’ve had:

  • Worked for other dogwalking companies
  • Schooled as and worked as a veterinary assistant
  • Trained to be a dog trainer

 Since then, we’ve also upgraded our skills and knowledge as follows:

  • Pet First Aid Certified          
  • Training in natural and holistic nutrition and animal care
  • Working with trainers and behaviourists continuously to expand our knowledge
  • Worked for the SPCA, monitoring animal scenes in movie
  • Constant research on all aspects of animal care and behaviour
  • Research in dog and cat diets
  • Reiki Level 1 for people and animals                                     
  • Animal Communication
  • Herbs for Pets
  • Aromatherapy for pets
  • Reflexology
  • T-Touch for pets
  • Bach Flower remedies for people and pets
  • Pet Massage
  • Attendance to pet shows and seminars
  • Founding members of the North Shore Professional Dog Walkers Alliance

We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and permitted for Dog Walking in both North Vancouver and West Vancouver.  We abide by the bylaws and regulations of each District.


Honourary Black Dog Cookie House Dog
Still enjoyed our walks at 17

 Reilly (very 1st Client) - since 1998   
Happy 17th B-day Aug, 2014


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